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Viktor Nikolov is in his early thirties. He was born in Skopje. He is divorced from his ex-wife Sandra, with whom he has a daughter, Teona. He lives on Varshavska street, in Taftalidze neighborhood. Son of Tome and Andrea, older brother of Daniel.


He is 1.88 cm tall, broad chest and shoulders. Short cropped blonde hair, with bangs on both sides. Flat and high forehead, pointed nose, green eyes and narrow lips. A playful and deep look. He suffers from migraine,
which often gives him severe headaches.


A graduate of the Police Academy in Skopje, who currently works as the chief inspector of the Department of Blood and Sexual Offenses in the Ministry of the Interior. Received a letter of commendation from the Austrian Ministry of the Interior for his cooperation with their Serious Crime Service.


Music: Wide variety of musical styles, mostly rock and jazz.
Favorite album: Back in Black.
Favorite band: Iron Maiden.
Movie: Favorite genre – crime drama, favorite actor Al Pacino / Robin Williams. One of the few who thinks that The Shawshank Redemption is a below average movie.
Favorite movie: Duel (1971).
Sports: Swimming and gym, occasionally playing basketball with the few acquaintances he considers friends.


Andon Ivanov: The head of the Department where Victor works. A strict and authoritative colleague, who is ready for retirement.
Blagoj Slavkov: Former handball goalkeeper, and now the owner of a psychological counseling center. In the late fifties, Victor’s best friend.
Susana Manasieva: Colleague from the Department, senior inspector, in charge of forensics. Divorced, no children.
Daniel Nikolov: Victor’s younger brother, a successful writer in Macedonia, whose crime novels are based in part on the life of his older brother.

Crime serial


Intriguing, tense and exciting crime series which just doesn’t let up.