Young adult


,,One Summer” on Crete” is Ande Jankov’s first novel, published by the publishing house “Antolog”. He is the winner of the “Romanijada” award for 2015. In 2022, it is experiencing its third edition, and is one of the best-selling and most requested books of Antholog in 2022.

Filip and Marina are a young couple from Skopje who decide to spend their summer vacation this year on the island of Crete, visiting Marina’s aunt, Elena. The deal with her aunt is for her to meet them at the bus station in Chania, where they arrive after landing a plane on the island. While the two are waiting for Elena to arrive, Filip makes up a fight and leaves his girlfriend for a short period of time alone.

When he comes back, there is no sign from Marina. Worse, her aunt doesn’t even show up to meet them. At that moment, Philip begins a dead race against time, and the day that follows changes his entire life.