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Scribo, ergo sum. 
Leading crime writer on the Macedonian market. 




,,One Summer'' on Crete" is Ande Jankov's first novel, published by the publishing house "Antolog". He is the winner of the "Romanijada" award for 2015. In 2022, it is experiencing its third edition, and is one of the best-selling and most requested books of Antholog in 2022.


"Vienna Gambit" is Ande Jankov's second novel, published by the publishing house "Antolog". An exciting thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very end. First part of the "Victor Nikolov" series, which was published in 2020. Included in the "Most sold novels by domestic authors for 2021" by Antolog.


The second part of the crime series about the police inspector Viktor Nikolov, published by the "Antolog" publishing house. A continuation of the series, published in 2021, is in the running for Novel of the Year and is one of the leading crime novels by domestic authors for the year.


The third part of the series about Viktor Nikolov, where he and his colleagues from the department are faced with a ferocious serial killer, the Avenger, who leaves no traces behind, except for the mysterious message found in the places where he attacks. Shortlisted for the award Novel of the Year in 2022.

Ande Jankov


Ande Jankov (novelist, poet, literary critic) was born in the leap year of 1988, and his life has been a rollercoaster ever since. A graduate economist from Ss. Cyril and Methodius, he has used his vast knowledge of various subjects in his writing career. His debut novel, “A Summer on Crete” (Едно лето на Крит, 2016) received the award Romanijada, awarded by the publishing house “Kultura”for Best Debut Novel by an emerging author.

Afterwards, he sat his sights on expanding the crime and thriller genres on the Macedonian market, by introducing Viktor Nikolov, his detective protagonist in an ongoing series of novels: “A Vienna Game” (Виенски гамбит, 2020),  “А Safe Risk” (Сигурен ризик, 2021), and “Only God Forgives” (Само Бог простува, 2022).

He also created the literary podcast “Literary conversations” (Книжевни разговори), whereas he conducts interviews with the newest darlings of Macedonian genre literature. The podcast has four seasons and sixty episodes, with more than fifty guests.

Книжевни разговори со Анде

Во соработка со продукција Златен Заб, Водител на буккастот Книжевни разговори со Анде - трета сезона.

Crime writing guide

Learn about crafting your first crime novel.

Crime serial


Intriguing, tense and exciting crime series which just doesn’t let up.

Young adult


Filip and Marina are a young couple from Skopje who decide to spend their summer vacation this year on the island of Crete, visiting Marina’s aunt, Elena. The deal with her aunt is for her to meet them at the bus station in Chania, where they arrive after landing a plane on the island. While the two are waiting for Elena to arrive, Filip makes up a fight and leaves his girlfriend for a short period of time alone.

When he comes back, there is no sign from Marina. Worse, her aunt doesn’t even show up to meet them. At that moment, Philip begins a dead race against time, and the day that follows changes his entire life.

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Гостување во ,,Слободен Печат” – (23.01.2023)

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Гостување во ,,Неделен Микс” – (21.01.2023)

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Гостување во ,,Мирисот на Книгата” – (14.01.2023)

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Гостување во ,,Здраво Македонијо” – (06.04.2022)

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Прилог во ,,Македонија Наутро” – (08.04.2022)

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Гостување во ,,Утринска на Алфа ТВ” – (14.04.2022)

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Гостување во ,,Здраво Македонијо” – (11.02.2022)

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Гостување во ,,Утринска на Телма” – (14.01.2022)

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Гостување во ,,Урбан Таг” – (15.05.2020)

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Официјална онлајн промоција ,,Виенски Гамбит” – (24.04.2020)

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Гостување во „90 Минути на ТВ Телма” (23.04.2020)

The Bookcast Literary Conversations with Ande


The Bookcast Literary Conversations with Ande is conceived as a weekly podcast show, in which you will hear my interviews conducted with eminent and new writers, literary workers, publishers and lovers of the literary word, in order to continue activities among our readership. at a time when most events are being moved online for understandable reasons.

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What readers said


"Среќа е да се биде дел од инспирацијата за овој роман да живее. Секоја книга со посвета е повредна книга."
Росана Стаменкова
за Едно лето на Крит
"Браво, супер е романот, многу ми се допадна. Сега очекуваме уште многу книги."
Ивана Митиќ
за Едно лето на Крит
"Браво, книгава многу ми се допадна. Навистина се чита во еден здив. Само така продолжи да читаме уште многу вакви убави романи."
Марија Ѓорѓиева
за Едно лето на Крит
„Преплет од исклучително возбудлива авантура, со силна доза на трилер, кон која се придодава нишка на романса. Секоја страница прилега на еден единствен здив затоа што толку време ви е потребно да ја голтнете.“
Игор Крајчев
за Едно лето на Крит
„Возбудлив и врвен криминалистички трилер, со незаборавен протагонист и неуморна полициска екипа, која успева да внесе свежина во жанрот. Бомбастична и заводлива приказна, која од улиците на Виена ќе ве врати назад во Скопје, за на крајот да ги изненади дури и најпроникливите читатели.“
Денис Бојаров
за Сигурен Ризик

Interview with the publishing house Antolog

,,Only the thriller offers the chance to deceive the readers"

What moment in your writing career are you most proud of?